Sanitation Equipment Limited

Sanitation Equipment Limited manufactures the finest portable toilets built since 1949.  We use the highest quality materials and strong durable construction designed for every adventure.  Our toilets are built to last and meet the demands for use on water, in nature, in RVs or wherever you choose to use our products.  We also offer a full line of chemicals products.

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VISA Potty

Available in 18 and 24 Liters

-Larger Seat

-14L Water Reservoir

-18/24L Holding Tank

-Directional pour spout and storage compartment



Available in 8, 10, 12 and 18 Liters

-10L Water Resevoir

-8/10/12/18L Holding Tank

-Directional Pour Spout and storage compartment



Available in 8 and 18 Liter

-10L Water Resevoir

-8/18L Holding Tank

-Hold Down Brackets Included

-90 degree rotating pump out fitting